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Welcome All

This site is for The family tree of the Salters / Boldens.

Anyone is welcome to leave any information and messages they wish to share.

Also any pictures or Videos

All Bolden’s Included in this web site are Desendants from the SALTER Family tree

You can contact me via facebook







7 Responses to “About this Blog”

  1. hi cool website

  2. pretty good hales

  3. Hayley Bolden Says:

    Thanks Julie

  4. Hello Hayley
    I am the daughter of Leonard Glass on your family tree, he was married to my mum Eileen Holbard of Edmonton he died about 1951 I’m a bit vague as my mum didnot give me any information about him at all, I am the only child from that marriage, I too have been seeking information and found some cousins recently, thankyou for providing some new information

    • Hayley Bolden Says:

      Hi Ellen

      Thank you so much for getting touch, I have some information on Leonards Siblings, Ann, Florence, William (bill) & Joe i will have to get it typed up and sent to you.
      Leonard was the only one i never really knew much about. Could you possibly get in touch and send me your email, or if your on facebook can you send me a message on there and i can send you what information i do have

      Regards Hayley x

    • Hayley Bolden Says:

      Hi Ellen

      Could you possibly send me your email address or contact me via facebook, One of your Cousins has got some pictures of Len. And we would love to send them on to you


  5. Hi Hayley,

    There is a few Hayley Salters on Facebook or should i be looking at Hayley Bolden. My daughter Natalie Ridler has a facebook page can you contact her I would so love to see a picture of him or know some information.

    Many thanks

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