Bolden’s Web Page7

Children & Grandchildren of Ronald Bolden  1946


Craig Bolden (Mother Christine)


Melanie (mother Lilly)



Alexandra Bolden (mother Carol)

Rebecca Bolden (mother Carol)

Daniel Bolden (mother Carol)




4 Responses to “Bolden’s Web Page7”

  1. i have removed pictures of all Kids from this web page

  2. Trevor Pollard Says:

    Dear Hayley,

    I tried contacting you regarding the Bolden & Salter Family Tree website which was last updated in 2007.

    I believe that I am related to you but I am not sure what the connection is.

    My maternal grandmother was May Victoria Bolden who was born in 1897. She was the fourth child of Walter Bolden and Sarah Martha Tooth. Sarah’s father was living with the Bolden family at the time of the 1911 Census.

    Sarah died in 1931 and Walter in 1944.

    My grandmother was one of 8 children namely, Mary Ellen (I knew her as Auntie Nellie), Walter, Frederick, May. Florence, Elsie, Thomas and William.

    She married my grandfather Walter Charles Beasley in 1919 in Bethnal Green.

    They had 3 girls and 2 boys. My mother Irene was the eldest and died last year.

    Do you know anything about my part of the Bolden line and William Bolden’s descendants?

    Do you know anything about Walter and Sarah?

    Regards, Trevor

  3. Hayley Bolden Says:

    Hi Trevor

    Sorry for the late reply, i will have a look through all my paperwork for the Boldens and see what i can find out & get back to you.

    If you would like to get in contact you can contact me via facebook,

    Regards Hayley

  4. Hayley Bolden Says:

    Hi Trevor

    Just had a quick look at my tree, i have 2 Walters on there. And the one that i think is your Great Grandfather is the following one,

    Walter B1871? Married Sarah b1870?
    His parents were Charles B1847 D1912, Mother Eliza Watts B1847.

    The children that i know & have listed are
    Mary, Walter, Frederick, may, Florence, Henry.

    Walter b1871 – Siblings are Frances, Emanuel, Bertha Ann, Ernest Henry, Arthur, May Frances, Albert, Alfred, Rose Mauld, Thomas Herbert, & Ernest.

    Emanuel is my Gt Grandfather. If any of this information ties up with what you have, then please let me know i will then be able to send you all the information that i have

    Regards Hayley

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