Salter’s Web Page


Rose Glass 1907 – 1999 Daughter of Rose Powell 1886 & William Glass 1880

 William, Joseph & Alfred (len) – Sons of William Glass & Rose Powell

Alfred Leonard Glass   
Alfred Leonard Glass

William James Salter

James Henry Salter

William & Ellen Salter

James Henry Salter & Family

George Salter 1919 son of Charles Salter.

Charles Salter, Rosetta Salter Hibbins, John J. Salter, son of John & Mary

Charles A. Salter [man in hat], next to him Mildred Nona Salter [his wife] other woman Lila Salter [don’t know where she belongs], boy is Harley Thurman Salter, Charles son.

Salter Siblings [back row] Charles Salter, Rosetta [Rose]  Mildred [wife of Charles. [front row] unknown lady, George Arthur Salter, [son of Charles Salter 


One Response to “Salter’s Web Page”

  1. 1. picture of John James, should be James Henry

    2, family of John James, name should be James Henry.

    The web site is great, keep up the good work

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